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Unplug Tech Story

Unplug Tech has been active for a few months but today, we are going to share with you our story on how Unplug Tech was born.

So sit tight!

The Unplug Tech Backstory

Meher and I both have been on several podcast interviews like WP WaterCooler, Hallway Chats, WPCoffeeTalks, and Women Who WordPress and the community has been very warm and welcoming. We thought it’s time to give the spotlight back to the community and grow beyond one space. Branch out, and brace for new adventures.

On multiple occasions over lunch and dinner conversations, the idea of interviewing people always came up in some way or the other. Due to our work commitments, we could not take off, but the idea persisted.

One of the additional reasons we kick-started Unplug Tech was that I wanted to face the camera and gain confidence on screen and Meher wanted to build a platform for professionals to talk about their life journey and get acknowledged by others in the same field.

Then in 2020 March, a nationwide lock-down happened, and both of us finally decided to take the plunge. We felt it’s now or never. Thankfully things fell into place. 

Unplug Tech was born

What is the Unplug Tech about?

Amplifying insightful stories with friendly folks from the world of tech. We both came from the world of tech so that surely helps in getting people comfortable on the show and bring out their best side. With website development and content management roles to back us, we talk about the industry, up-skilling, trends, and what makes them successful. 

The experience of running our podcast is an adventure we both are happy to partake and we are looking forward to growing beyond one space.  

Our Amazing Sponsors

Unplug Tech is due to the goodness of the community and the sponsors are the backbone for the initiative which keeps getting support from the corners of the world. It is heartening, amazing, and makes us feel so grateful.

During our initial discussion about the domain name, we had shortlisted a few but could not really decide which one suits both our personalities. Our dear friend Vachna Kudmula suggested Unplug Tech. 

The name sounds catchy and fun, so we both decided to go with it.

Fairy already had found one guest Harsh from LinkedIn who said yes instantly to be a part of our show. So things started falling in place.

2 episodes later, when we approached Michelle to be a part of our show, she also instantly agreed. She also went ahead and paid for our Zoom Pro account for 1 year! This was a very sweet gesture by Michelle, and we were very happy, and it showed us that we have the support and well wishes from multiple people. That kind of encouragement pushes you to achieve your best potential.

Thanks to these wonderful souls for believing in us and contributing towards our efforts, today Unplug Tech, is what it is – a platform to amplify voices that matters.

Amazing Sponsors for Unplug Tech
Our Amazing Sponsors

The Challenge

It is not that the road has always been easy to chart out the plan for Unplug Tech because there have been times when working with full-time jobs, we did lose our focus from Unplug Tech.

The logistical aspect of having guests on the show, facing rejections as our platform is new, coordinating, and sync interviews with our work schedule take a lot of effort and is a challenge at times. But we survived those situations and are now thriving. 

Our Friendship

Meher and Fairy
Two babes behind this show

Meher believes and always says, “Opposites attract” but I don’t 100% believe it. Both of our working styles are very different but the understanding between us is the reason Unplug Tech is here to stay for a long time. 

Should friends work together? Yes. It gives you a peek into the way friends work. It has given us knowledge of our working style, and a new face to our friendship. It is important to have priorities and be on the same page.

Did we face a difference of opinions? Yes, of course.

What matters is that we always pushed through and came out, even more, stronger than before. We value our friendships more. We both have always believed what will be our priority is our friendship and that will sort out every other hurdle in the way.

Unplug Tech came because of our friendship and our trust in each other. It is safe to say that friendship is what Unplug Tech is at its heart and we celebrate the friendship with affection. This chemistry between us and warmth is what Unplug Tech is all about.

Unplug Tech Plans For 2021

Both of us have big plans and goals for the year 2021 for our platform to reach great heights.

So what are you waiting for, we have told you our story, now it’s your turn to tell your story. Come be a part of our show, I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

Liked our story and want to sponsor us? It’s such good news. Let’s talk and see how we can take this opportunity forward. A small help goes a long way and deeply impacts the way we shape Unplug Tech. A small help from anyone is always deeply appreciated.

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