24k Steps To Mental Health Fundraiser For WordFestLive July 2021 with Cinthya Anand

Episode 10: 24k Steps To Mental Health Fundraiser For WordFest Live July 2021 with Cinthya Anand

We warmly welcome Cinthya Anand as the next guest for Unplug Tech. She is the Fundraising lead for the second edition of WordFest Live July 2021.

We are very happy to host the jubilant journalist and writer on our show as she shares some great tips on how to become a good writer.

Know about the 24k Steps To Mental Health Fundraiser For WordFest Live July 2021

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In this interview, Cinthya talks about her writing career by sharing her journey as a journalist which helped her to become a Communications Manager for Cambridge Cleantech.

24k Steps To Mental Health

Cynthia spoke about the 24k Step To Mental Health Fundraiser for WordFestLive 2021 and how you can take part it in. She added that it is not at all as difficult as many might think since this activity is designed to be done individually or in a group. Furthermore, you can read our article about what’s new in the second edition of WordFest Live including the 24k steps to mental health.

We are sure you will find it helpful. She goes on to talk about the there is not only the 24k Steps To Mental Health Fundraiser but other fundraising challenges in which people can participate and support a great cause.

The world is changing right now with more emphasis on digital world and why events like WordFest Live are important especially at this time when pandemic hit. The conversation around mental health become necessary. In our conversation with Cynthia, we discussed many points on why community support is essential for mental well being.

Volunteering is Important

As an active member of the WordPress community, and WordFest Live volunteer she adds, that only by taking initiative and volunteering to new communities will you know more and make meaningful connections. She adds in her words;

I had this feeling that WordPress was only a developer community but then I realised it’s not only that. It is anyone who uses WordPress in any capacity and you end up learning bits and pieces of everything. It is really nice there is a lot of contribution that goes into it and it is not something that is built by one corporate company.

Cinthya has volunteered for a number of different events in different cities and she believes that by volunteering for events like WordFest Live, one gets an opportunity to learn a lot on how the world work and it is a nice way to meet and interact with new people. She furthersays,

Your world becomes bigger when you volunteer

Writing Tips

In the first edition of WordFest, she was a speaker on What Journalism Can Teach You About Good Content?Go view her talk. It is an insightful talk about the best practices of writing your content. If you’re a writer or thinking about writing this talk is made for you.

In addition to this, she further gives two useful tips on writing better.

  • Try to use lesser words to have more effective
  • When in doubt cut it out

The next time you’re sitting to write, then don’t forget these important tips!

We thank Cinthya for taking time out from her busy WordFest Live schedule and coming on our show. She has shared her experience and insides about the 24k steps to Mental Health Fundraiser and so much more so what are you waiting for? Save the date for WordFest Live 2021 already!

About Cinthya Anand

Cinthya Anand
Cinthya is a journalist and copywriter passionate about creating a more inclusive world for all.

She lives in Cambridge UK and has a decade of experience helping impact-driven businesses communicate better.

She is leading the fundraising team for WordFest Live, July 2021.

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