WordFest Live 2021 Recap

WordFest Live 2021 Recap – Jan Edition

It’s been around two months since the mega event concluded but we still remember the buzz and the excitement that brought all the remote professionals under one big roof. This wonderful space brings remote workers together and network amongst like minded folks and make long lasting friendships.

Want to know folks behind WordFest 2021?? Discover behind the scenes with our two part series right now, and watch how their grit and hardwork ensured an online successful event.

WordFest Live 2021 and Big Orange Heart with Dan and Cate – Part 1

WordFest Live 2021 and Big Orange Heart with Michelle, Hauwa and Paul – Part 2

If you have attended the event and have any kind of feedback, then please share them on the WordFest website.

The numbers are giving a loud cheer and saying the event was mega-successful and well received and we wouldn’t be happier. This is our first media sponsorship so it is indeed very special for us, and we have some impressive numbers to back us up!

Numbers tell stories of success!

  • 1 Idea
  • 4 Global Regions 
  • 8 Core Team Members
  • 12 International Sponsors 
  • 22 Micro Sponsors
  • 34 Global Volunteers
  • 48 International Speakers
  • 70 Sponsor Sessions
  • 177 Charitable Donors 
  • 2,271 Registered Attendees 
  • $40,610 Funds Raised
WordFest Live 2021 was a success
WordFest Live 2021 was a success and everyone who attended the event, appreciated all the hard-work and dedication from the WordFest Organizing team

Fear of missing outgoing on max mode? Stop right there, because you may have missed the networking opportunity but you can surely catch up on ALL the talks/workshops from seasoned professionals.

Go here and watch now, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

Connect with speakers and share your experience conversations make networking worthwhile, and you know what else? You haven’t really missed the WordFest Live 2021 because EVERYTHING is Online for you to view, and accessible to you. That is the beauty of WordFest Live 2021 – easy accessibility.

Here’s what WordFest Speakers, Sponsors & Volunteers have to say

Last Thoughts

The event was an impressive experience for everyone involved including Unplug Tech which showed us a celebration of a community as like minded folks come together to pull off something spectacular. 

We are sure the second season of WordFest is going to be even bigger and better, and we will be there to cover them as media sponsors just like this time.

Yes as a media sponsor for a global event really changed our perspective on what Unplug Tech can achieve, and the potential to make our small platform bigger and better, just like WordFest Live and we think it is possible. 

We again would like to thank the wonderful people at WordFest Live 2021 for organizing an event which is much needed at this time of our lives. 

Did you attended WordFest Live 2021 Jan Edition? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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