Episode 11: Becoming an Entrepreneur in the pandemic with Divya Bherwani

Episode 11: Becoming an Entrepreneur in the pandemic with Divya Bherwani

We warmly welcome Divya Bherwani as the next guest for Unplug Tech. She is the Found of Balkae.

Pandemic has hit a lot of people and businesses financially. But turning this difficult period into a positive is the much need of the hour. In our earlier episode, go listen to what Chandraprabha Sharma talks about Covid-19 and its Impact on Education.

In this interview, Divya talks about her digital marketing experience in Barunii Beauty and Stac. From a very young age, she was interested in fashion and the lifestyle segment, but not really into the artistic end of it.

Divya was more interested in the commercial end of it. Her career started in Barunii, where she wore multi hats, and got to know every aspect of the startup.

She goes on to talk about how she was never thought of becoming an entrepreneur, simply because she likes to have organized timelines and the nine to five routine. She feels it’s entrepreneurship as a path that chooses me.

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Her adivse

Don’t get stuck in a pattern, because you jumped into it way before and you made commitments to other people around you. Stop thinking about what the world and the society is going to say.

It’s okay you will keep having different sort of successes at that same milestones and failures and whatnot.

Just be open to changing your pattern.

About Divya Bherwani

Divya Bherwani
A curious individual, ethical consumption enthusiast, former marketeer, and budding entrepreneur.

She is the founder of a lifestyle brand named Balkae.

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