Episode 9: Discover the story behind HeroPress and the latest WordFest Live with Topher DeRosia

Episode 9: Discover the story behind HeroPress and the latest WordFest Live with Topher DeRosia

The next guest for Unplug Tech is the founder of HeroPress with a purpose to connect WordPress professionals from all over the globe. We warmly welcome Topher DeRosia on our show. He shares his inspiring story on how he started HeroPress.

HeroPress is one of the most read blogs in the world of WordPress community. In addition to this he also shares his experience being part of WordFest Live with us. So let’s go!

Topher DeRosia is curious and asks questions, his charm makes you at ease right away. It could be one of the few reasons why HeroPress is growing and acheiving new heights. He is perfect as the organizer for WordFest Live 2021 because not only it aligns with what HeroPress believes but his role as an organizer takes the WordFest Live 2021 into new heights.

At this time where everyone is missing WordCamps, HeroPress brings a nice reminder on why we do what we do. The people covered in HeroPress are from all over the world with WordPress as a big connection.

Listen to the Story behind HeroPress and latest on WordFest Live – July 2021 Edition

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In this interview, Topher shares with us the journey of starting HeroPress, the hurdles he faced, and the impact on the community today. Furthermore, he shares his role in WordFest Live 2021 and what to expect this time around.

He further adds,

WordFest Live is coming up, and you should attend! Also, we’re still looking for volunteers. For those unaware, WordFest Live happens in all time zones, moving around the world in a 24 hour period.

As a WordPress professional travelling all over meeting people you will believe that he is the best suited the role to bring stories on his platform because his warm demeanor attracts people from far and wide. That’s not all, we urge you to watch the show and find out the new interesting developments with HeroPress and more.

As an organizer he also requests you to join the WordFest Live 2021 as this time around a lot of new elements are added which will surely make it more exciting than the January edition.

As someone with experience travelling around the globe meeting WordPress professionals, one of things he would like to share with us is;

People prefer to portray themselves more than having someone else portray them. Even if the portrayal is a good one, people appreciate being able to use their own voice to tell the world who they are. I discovered this by accident with HeroPress. I don’t tell people’s stories, I help them tell their own story, and people find it to be much more meaningful, like they’re in control of their own destiny.

You can go and check out the inspiring stories on HeroPress where the Co-host and Co-producer of Unplug Tech Meher Bala is also featured, and share your thoughts.

About Topher DeRosia

Topher DeRosia
Topher DeRosia lives in Grand Rapids MI with his wife Cate and two daughters, Ema and Sophia. He is currently working at Camber Creative coming up with strategies for WordPress websites.

Along with his wife Cate he is also working on building the HeroPress network, and HallwayChats, and some secrets they are not ready to tell yet!

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