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Unplug Tech is the platform for the professionals in the digital sphere making a mark in the world. These are the folks that have fought against the odds to come on the top and share their stories, digitally.

We interview individuals with a creative flourish in the digital & non-digital world and unveil their roadmap to success & fun side. We have met many fantastic folks in our journey as active WordPress community members, and we had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed on some of the best interview platforms in the global community. Both Meher & Fairy have been interviewed and shared the spotlight with the best podcasters in the WordPress community.

Now it’s our turn to start meaningful conversations with the most interesting people we have met on our journey. The name UnPlug Tech originates from the members and their significance and personalities. While Meher brings the business aspect of building the brand and tech world alive at Unplug Tech, Fairy is the content specialist that makes the writerly things going here.

Babes Behind Unplug Tech

Fairy Dharawat

Fairy Dharawat

Fairy Dharawat is an award-winning writer with 7+ years of experience in writing and creating consumable content that brings in the moolah.

Her core strength lies in writing product descriptions, corporate marketing copies, and building content strategies that yield desired results.

More experience in writing for business, retail and consumer electronics category, she can seamlessly transition from B2B to B2C audience.

When she is not writing for brands, she writes reviews, critical analysis on art from DC, Marvel and Manga.

Writing is an important part, and her piece of writing advice is – the more you write the better you get at writing.

The more you stay true to yourself, the better you become yourself.

Meher Bala

Meher Bala

Meher Bala is a WordPress Consultant. She takes care of building and maintaining premium websites for her clients and delivers them in tight deadlines.

A strong communicator, and highly motivated, Meher is equipped with a sharp understanding of business.

She successfully leverages her keen business knowledge by delivering premium websites that align with the business values of her clients.

With 50+ websites and 40+ happy clients, she has worked with multiple top brands, and agencies get the Website of their dreams. Along with a creative flair for design and aesthetics, she also has an analytical bent of mind that makes her a distinguished talent from the crowd.

Apart from her remarkable talent for understanding the clients and delivering the best to her clients, she is also highly motivated, organized, and proactive.