International Women's Day 2021

International Women’s Day Celebrations

It’s that time of the year when the world comes together for International Women’s Day and celebrates Women’s contribution in all walks of life including our evolution as a society. The historical and cultural significance of International Women’s Day is an important indicator that though we have come a long way, there still remains a lot to achieve. Hence, this day is a reminder for us to take active steps to accomplish equality and give support to women whether they ask for help or not. We must take steps to amplify the voices of women requiring amplification and bring notice to change.

Unplug Tech is made by women in the tech world with an aim to amplify insightful stories from all walks of life and this women’s day we are happy to share amazing stories of women.

It is a privilege to provide a stage to these awesome women, and their support makes sure we are on our way to something spectacular.

Every women’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.

– Serena Williams

Serena William inspires by being the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).

The quote by the athlete captures the essence of International Women’s Day perfectly and Unplug Tech Podcast, perfectly.

Both Meher and I are women with some badass backstory that made us join forces and bring Unplug Tech Podcast to reach you. Read our story about Unplug Tech to know what makes us tick.

From covering people with unique ideas on professional platforms, to building communities, we have also covered some amazing women with wonderful initiatives that inspire us day in and day out.

We are motivated and supported by women in all walks of our lives and supporting other women remains an important part of us that we cherish.

Yes, we are going to feature more awesome women on our show, and you will know more about it soon. Come on our show and share your insightful journey with our audience.

Unplug Tech is so happy to amplify stories full of wisdom and insights by these amazing women who face hurdles with grace and guts that inspire stories worth sharing and amplifying.

Chandraprabha Sharma talks about Covid-19 and it’s Impact on Education

Impact of COVID-19 on Education With Chandraprabha Sharma

While the global pandemic has disrupted the education industry with alarming result, the entry of several online education models might be a boon for some.

But not everyone is blessed with a well functioning set up like the internet and laptop.

If we go into the core functionality of technology then it is quite simple, aiding humanity. Is the purpose served though? That is the question. Watch this podcast.

Michelle Frechette talks about how to get start with Podcast

How to Start A Podcast with Michelle

In this interview, Michelle shares her experience interviewing professionals on her platform while giving insight into the world of podcasts, marketing, and promotions. We ask her about hurdles in podcasting, opportunities, and so much more.

Michelle is a firm supporter of women in technology and never loses an opportunity to extend help. Just like she lends her support to UnPlug Tech as a sponsor.

When women support women – magic happens. Watch this podcast.

Fairy Dharawat talks about Content Writing Career

Content Writing Career with Fairy Dharawat

In this interview, Fairy talks about a Content Writing Career, and how to keep writing every day and stay motivated. The interview also covers, how to manage content, creative projects, admin work, additional hobbies, and more.

Trouble to conjure up ideas, and want to know what is the next best Content Writing Tip you need? This interview has got your covered.

Watch this podcast.

Media Partnership with Orange Heart for WordFest Online 2021

Something great happened and as the media sponsor Unplug Tech got a chance to do a two-part interview with organizers of the mega online event and we have a blast.

Cate DeRosia and Dan Maby talks about WordFest Live 2021 and Big Orange Heart – Part 1

WordFest Live 2021 and Big Orange Heart with Dan and Cate

On the show, we have Cate DeRosia and Dan Maby share their insights on the mega event that is WordFest Live 2021.

Both firmly believe awareness along with actionable steps to allow a virtual space dedicated to mental health is very important. Especially at a time when Covid-19 created havoc in our lives, a space that keeps you connected is essential. The push for starting WordFest Live 2021 is to help remote professionals find a place to belong.

Watch this podcast.

Michelle, Hauwa, and Paul talks about WordFest Live 2021 and Big Orange Heart – Part 2

WordFest Live 2021 and Big Orange Heart with Michelle, Hauwa and Paul

An interview over 3 time zones and fueled by coffee!

Our guests talked about their journey towards making WordFest Live 2021 a mega event. In addition, our guest woke up at 6.30 AM while the other guest stayed awake till 1.30 AM with enthusiasm that brings joy. This level of helpfulness and charm makes this interview a fun to watch.

Watch this podcast.

Unplug Tech would like to wish a very warm and happy International Women’s Day to all the incredible women reading this post. Here’s looking to more amazing women supporting each other.

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