Media Partners For WordFest Live 2021

Unplug Tech is a Media Partner of WordFest Live 2021 – Jan Edition

We are elated to announce Unplug Tech as the official Media Partner for WordFest Live 2021!

The collaboration is one of the first official media partnerships for Unplug Tech. In other words, Unplug Tech is looking forward to making the most of the event while promoting facilitating fun & freedom of movement within a virtual event. 

What is WordFest Live 2021?

A Festival of Inclusive Event for Remote Workers

This video has been created by the WordFest Live 2021 team

WordFest Live 2021 is a 24-hour global celebration of WordPress that brings together a community together in a safe environment. The festival facilitates freedom of movement within a virtual event.

Remote workers in the WordPress community need a space to be themselves, belong and mingle with like-minded folks.

WordFest will be celebrating our WordPress community. In addition to that there will be engaging talks about WordPress, remote working, and mental health. All with a dash of fun and excitement. 

Celebrating the remote working environment can be harsh and lonely. Therefore, the online mega-event is designed for introverts and extroverts with virtual tables to break the ice and make networking easy and fun. 

Who are the organizers?

WordFest Organisers
Dan Maby Profile Picture

Dan Maby – Lead Organiser

Dan Maby is the Founder of Big Orange Heart. He helps deliver a vision of better well-being and mental health support within the remote working communities.

Michelle Frechette

Michelle Frechette – Speaker Lead

Michelle Frechette is a volunteer with Big Orange Heart, and the Head of Customer Success for GiveWP. She also graced our show, go check out her interview! In addition to that, she is also one of our amazing sponsors for Unplug Tech.

Cate DeRosia – Marketing Lead

Using her skills as a writer and editor, Cate has filled a variety of roles in the WordPress community from WordCamp organizer and volunteer to bringing visibility to new products and businesses entering the ecosystem. Currently, she is leading the HeroPress expansion.

Hauwa Abashiya Profile Picture

Hauwa Abashiya – Sponsors Lead

Hauwa Abashiya is in the process of transferring her project management skills to web development. That’s not all, she is also a contributor to WordPress. In addition she is also a member of the WordPress 5.6 Release Squad. She is our Sponsors Lead, and has been liaising with established and potential new sponsors.

Paul Smart Profile Picture

Paul Smart – Sponsors Team

Paul Smart is a freelance website designer, developer and consultant with strong marketing skills. He’s been a longtime supporter and volunteer with Big Orange Heart.

We are excited to invite and feature all WordFest organizers to come to about WordFest and Big Orange Heart. Go here what the organisers have to say about the event Part 1 and Part 2.

What are the timing for the event ?

WordFest Live 2021 is scheduled on 22nd January, 2021 in UTC time. 

Start in Oceania at 10 AM – 4 PM AEDT.
Then onto Asia arriving 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM IST.
Next up it’s EMEA at 11 AM through 5 PM UTC.
Finally arriving in the Americas 12 PM until 6 PM EST.

It will feature 36 sessions, held over 24 hours, across four different stages.  There are Talks and Workshops focused on developing practical life and business skills in our interactive sessions.

Where to register ?

Tickets for WordFest are FREE, so what are you waiting for, go Register Now!!!

On the registration page, here is an optional $10 donation that can be made when registering. This donation goes towards helping to provide free well-being and mental health support in remote work communities supported by Big Orange Heart (the community behind WordFest). 

Media Partnership

WordFest Live shares media partnership succinctly in the below few words.

This diverse, enthusiastic group of communicators offers something for everyone and fits so well with our mission to provide global coverage and impact. Take a minute to learn more about them and you’ll likely come away with at least one new source of information that can enrich 2021 and beyond, long after WordFest Live is done.

We at Unplug Tech are so happy to be part of an event that focuses on enabling a global celebration of WordPress, bringing our community together in a safe environment

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