Impact of COVID-19 on Education With Chandraprabha Sharma

Episode 4: Covid-19 and it’s Impact on Education with Chandraprabha Sharma

The impact of Covid-19 on education has been life-changing for a lot many people. While the global pandemic has disrupted the education industry with alarming result, the entry of several online education models might be a boon for some. But not everyone is blessed with a well functioning set up like internet and laptop. If we go into the core functionality of technology then it is quite simple, aiding humanity. Is the purpose served though? That is the question.

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Unplug Tech is happy to host Chandraprabha Sharma and her vision to bring education to the children of marginalized community with the help of phone. The impact of Covid-19 on education is harsh, but together with accessible technology we can do so much more. That is exactly what PhoneShaala is doing.

PhoneShaala is making education accessible to children from marginalized community without internet or a set up.

A simple phone can bring the light of education to the millions of children in a country. That is exactly what PhoneShaala is doing. PhoneShaala is simple and uses highly accessible device to educate children. It is built to ease the impact of Covid-19 on Education.

If you like to contribute to the cause of PhoneShaala, then thank you so much, you can find more details here.

About Chandarprabha Sharma

Chandarprabha Sharma Profile Picture

Chandarprabha Sharma is a public policy professional who leads the Award-winning NGO eArth Samvarta Foundation (eSF).

Ms. Sharma also dedicates time for volunteering to teach and mentor at-risk students from low-income backgrounds because education is important to her. She is also an active advocate for animal rights and welfare and loves dogs. She believes that for sustainable development, solutions must harness inter-linkages between planet-people-policy.

Education is important to Chandarprabha Sharma and she has a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University, Washington DC, and a background in engineering along with NET Qualification in Public Administration. That’s not all, she also packs extensive skills and experience in public policy, technology innovation and good governance for sustainable development.

Under the leadership of Chandraprabha Sharma, eArth Samvarta Foundation (eSF) received prestigious awards and recognition. eArth has won multiple awards in less than 2 years of incorporation. Some of them are listed as below;

  • Paryavaran Mitra Award (Government of Uttar Pradesh)
  • Special Felicitation by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
  • Swachh Bharat Award by Nagar Nigam Ayodhya and many more

Along with awards and accolades, eSF is also a designated Nodal NGO under NITI Ayog guidelines for COVID 19 control.

About PhoneShaala

PhoneShaala enables Indian underprivileged children continue their education and keep learning free of cost. Students can learn without internet/ smartphones which makes this initiative a truly accessible initiative including during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The children learn with EduCreators from across the country and make special audio-based lessons for the children. Even beyond the pandemic, PhoneShaala will continue helping children with education and free lessons.

PhoneShaala is for each and every child who finds it difficult to attend school due to compulsions like disability, long distances from school, menstruation, child marriage, child labor, and more.

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