Trending On LinkedIn With Harsh Tripathy

Episode 1: Trending on LinkedIn with Harsh Tripathy

When we were contemplating to start something of our own, we were just doing that; contemplating. Ideas without action are just – ideas. That changed when we met Harsh on LinkedIn.

He posted with solid consistently multiple times a day. He used LinkedIn hashtags that made his posts trend and get picked up by the algorithm with the most certainty.

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Trending on LinkedIn with @HarshTripathy2. Learnt a few tips about LinkedIn. Go take a look at this podcast Share on X

Harsh’s enthusiasm was as infectious as his knowledge on LinkedIn and Marketing. That is the reason he earned new followers daily and our interest.

We picked up the phone texted him to get on the show. Talk about what? Job? Work? Social Media? Well, yes, yes and yes. We asked him about the power of hashtags, data, freelancing experience, and dived deep into his freelance admin work we usually tend to ignore.

This insightful interview focuses on trending on LinkedIn but! We also covered work-related important pointers that many professionals will nod in agreement. So tune into the show already if we haven’t enticed you enough to hear our first ever very special episode on Unplug Tech

About Harsh

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Harsh is a die-hard content marketing professional who believes in spreading magic with the power of words. After kick-starting a tech career with one of the top Indian IT firms, he decided to venture into full-time writing and never looked back since then.

Throughout his career, he worked full-time with digital marketing agencies and SaaS leaders in the industry to win audiences with the right blend of information and storytelling.

Thank you Harsh Tripathy for appearing on our podcast and kick-starting Unplug Tech.

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Trending on LinkedIn with @HarshTripathy2. Learnt a few tips about LinkedIn. Go take a look at this podcast Share on X

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