Community Building With Aditya Kane

Episode 2: Community Building With Aditya Kane

What is Community building you might ask. Unplug Tech wanted to know about it too because it is a very important skill.

Again, you may say, how is it an important skill. Well to answer that question, we have our very charming guest on the show.

Interview on Community Building

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Our next guest is Aditya Kane, the co-organizer, and an active member of the WordPress community. He has not only organized workshops, WordCamps & meetups in 6+ years in the WordPress community, but he has also encouraged tons of meet ups across country. Now he shares his experience with Unplug Tech.

Communities play an integral role in our lives. In addition to that, they also provide us with opportunities of growth and fulfillment. But building communities is no easy feat. That is to say, there are plenty of problems and plenty of solutions available. For example, did you know that building communities and maintaining them is different ? Or. How community building and community maintaining require different skills. Apart from these questions, there are more which we will explore on our show.

Aditya Kane is a well-known, admired figure and we are fortunate to call him on our show. We asked him important questions on successfully building community and so much more. Join us as we dive into more details and tune in on our show! Learn to maintain and sustaining community building as big as WordPress with the man of the hour.

About Aditya Kane

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Aditya volunteers time on the WordPress Community Team. He has lived much of his life in the two cities of Mumbai and Pune in India. Besides loving reading books and secretly wants to be a world-famous philosopher.

He believes that the core tenets of open-source culture and philosophy should make its way into education, politics, law, economics, and more.

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