Content Writing Career with Fairy Dharawat

Episode 5: Content Writing Career with Fairy Dharawat

Kickstarting 2021 with an award-winning Content Writing professional – Fairy Dharawat.

Our next very special interview is with the other half of Unplug Tech professional and a friend.

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In our new episode, we discuss with the Content Manager and Content Writer Fairy on writing everyday and staying motivated. The interview then takes a turn on how to manage content, creative projects, admin work, and more. If you have trouble to conjure up ideas, and want to know what is the next best Content Writing Tip you need? This interview has got your covered.

From how to motivate yourself to keep writing to her unconventional career trajectory that helps with improving writing style, this is a delightful interview between two friends who met at WordCamp. And it is due to their friendship is why Unplug Tech is born, and is growing.

Content Writing blocks are plenty and in this interview Fairy Dharawat with a solid 8+ years of working in the Content Writing field shares some wise nuggets you need to hear right now that actually works without the jargon based information load you tend to find in the world wide web.

About Fairy Dharawat

Fairy Dharawat

The Content Writing Empress thinks she is not great with bios, but that is not really accurate since she can surely write descriptive analysis of comic books, movies and mangas with a creative flourish that those very posts are perched pretty on the first page of Google. This little info she never fails to share. She would always proudly tell you, hey read my fan analysis on this movie and that, and go on to say they are ranking.

Fairy Dharawat is peculiar for other reasons too though because she is also the behind Unplug Tech and is full of enthusiasm in watching Unplug Tech reach new heights. She is easily accessible and helpful with a love for cats caffeine and books. She is approachable but also has a temper which can be easily ignored because she is very charming.

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